Lakeside High School's Award Winning Theatre Troupe

Sides Here!!!


Vocal AuditionsNov 30th & Dec 1

Dance Workshop/ Learn Audition ChoreoDec 3 (12-6pm) UPDATED!!

Dance RefresherWorkshop Dec 4th (3:30-4:30)

Dance AuditionsDec 4th (4:30-5:30)

Call BacksDec 5th (3:30-6:00)


1. Sign up for an audition slot

2. To audition for an ensemble part, choose ONE ensemble song from the audition playlist (below). No reading is necessary. 


2. To audition for a lead role, choose ONE side and ONE song from the audition playlist (below). For Twig or Cameron, prepare their rap, their sides, AND an ensemble song.

Please be prepared to be told one is enough, for times sake.   

Audition Sign Up Here!!!

Song Playlist  Here!!!


Thanks for your interest in Lakeside Theatre! Auditions for the performance season happen in May and December and are only for Lakeside High School students.

All students need to sign up for a time slot and fill out an audition packet (these can be picked up from room 1710.  See below for show specific audition requirements

Students and Parents are also recommended to join us on our Facebook group.